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Simply put, you will not find a more comprehensive, full-featured "cleaning" software on the market. If absolute privacy is your goal, then WebEradicator is your product. WebEradicator works deep within your computer's operating system... monitoring, identifying, and permanently removing undesirable files from your hard drive.

The average privacy software you'll find today leaves enough hidden data behind to make recovery of your "removed" files and information fairly easy by anyone with little knowledge and basic Data Recovery software which can be purchased anywhere. Does that sound like privacy protection you can count on?! Because WebEradicator is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of privacy protection available, our product uses Government-grade file eradication schema. This deletion level uses military DoD specified deletion routines to overwrite your files 35+times with random bit patterns to ensure no recovery is possible, PERIOD. Now that's protection you can count on!

WebEradicator takes just minutes to download and install, and is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. Additionally, WebEradicator provides you with a variety of features and options you won't find with any other privacy protection product.

Click here to see a screenshot of WebEradicator in action!

What Can WebEradicator "Eradicate"?

  • Internet Explorer and Netscape Histories
  • Window's Secret Index.Dat files
  • Internet Cookies (with cookie manager to select cookies for safekeeping)
  • Internet Temp Files
  • Browser Favorites
  • Email Message Histories
  • Windows Temp Files
  • Windows Run History
  • Windows Recent Docs History
  • Windows Recycling Bin
  • Windows Clipboard
  • My Documents Folder
  • My Pictures Folder
  • My Videos Folder
  • Many application trails (like Kazaa) via plugins!
  • Any directory specified (highly configurable!)
  • Any file specified!

At the touch of WebEradicator's "Panic Button" you can:

  • Hide all open windows immediately to hide what you are doing
  • Run WebEradicator in total stealth - invisible to other users
  • Quickly logoff/shutdown your PC
WebEradicator is easy to use:
  • Powered by an extremely easy to use graphical interface
  • Schedule eradications so your histories are constantly cleared
  • Perform eradications when your web-browser is closed
  • Right click file integration with Windows Explorer
  • Full product documentation included

purchase online and start monitoring immediately!
Works on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

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