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Since the horrific events on 9/11, the Government has installed sophisticated "snooping" software right on your onramp to the Internet... your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The very second you connect to the Internet, your every move is monitored and recorded. Sure, their main purpose in doing this is to catch terrorists and prevent potential acts of aggression, but don't think for a minute that all other information gathered is ignored and discarded.

And remember, the most frightening part is that devious programmers have likely used numerous "Trojan Horses" and other "hacking" techniques to infest your hard drive with unimaginable and often illegal images and programs, without you even knowing about it! ...but try and explain that to Big Brother.

How about your employer? Think you have nothing to worry about at work? If so, then you could not be more wrong. There is a strong and growing trend among employers to monitor and record everything an employee does that involves a computer... and it's perfectly legal for them to do so! As a matter of fact, a recent survey showed that 77% of all major U.S. companies record and review employee communications and Internet surfing habits (read the story).

Without a quality hard drive "cleaning" product, you are absolutely defenseless against your employer. Never mind your actual surfing habits and personal e-mails and chats, just think for a second how easy it would be for a co-worker or even a third party to place offensive material on your computer without you ever even realizing it... that is until your boss calls you in to fire you. And how do you explain that to your wife?!

Speaking of your spouse, your significant other is more likely than ever to monitor your computer time. Imagine your husband or wife being able to see every website you've visited and every image you've viewed. What if he or she was able to read every e-mail you've sent and received, as well as view every detail of every chat session you've participated in... even if you think you've deleted everything!

And don't be naive enough to think your spouse would never do such as thing. The number of broken relationships and divorces continues to climb, and the frequency in which computer records are used has "evidence" in such cases has dramatically increased. When obtaining these "hidden" and "deleted" records is as easy as buying a piece of software, even the most technically-challenged spouses are able to do so with relative ease.

The bottom line? ...You ARE being watched! Whether it's your spouse, employer, or the Government, your Internet habits are being recorded and closely scrutinized. That's just the plain and simple fact. There literally is no way to prevent your computer from recording and storing this information, however, thankfully there is a way to permanently erase it. As a matter of fact, it's the ONLY way that you can be 100% certain you are safe and your privacy is protected.

Remember, deleting the files will not permanently remove them. Nor will emptying your Recycle Bin, clearing your cache, or deleting your History. Even completely reformatting your hard drive will leave behind every bit of this volatile information.


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